Team Ryze gives Sion squad a taste of their own medicine in One For All

How the tables have turned.

Image via Riot Games

There are some League of Legends champions that are known to make certain types of plays thanks to their distinct abilities and kits. Sion, for example, is associated with making heroic backdoors with his ultimate.

Nevertheless, almost every League player has found themselves on the opposite side of the coin once every now and then. A team of Ryze players gave an enemy squad of Sions a taste of their own medicine in One For All, backdooring their base.

In a clip posted on the League subreddit, five Ryze players stacked up in their base and channeled their ultimate, Realm Warp, one by one. They sneakily teleported towards the opponents’ base via the jungle to avoid being caught by the Sions.

In a blink of an eye, they made it to the enemy mid inhibitor, which they destroyed in a matter of seconds. Afterward, they turned to the Nexus, which was wide open. At this point, the team of Sions answered back and channeled their recalls to save the game. They made it back to base, but it was too late: the team of Ryze players quickly took down the Nexus to claim the backdoor victory.

While this play might not be as impressive as xPeke’s iconic backdoor from 2013, it was still impressive, especially for a team of Ryze players.

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