T1’s Teddy backs to his fountain in a solo queue game and brings enemy Warwick along for the ride

The jungler unexpectedly bought a one-way ticket to their demise.

Photo via Riot Games

Worlds 2021 is on the horizon. The most anticipated tournament in the League of Legends calendar starts next Tuesday, Oct. 5, and will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland. So it’s no surprise that most pros have already gathered on the island in Northern Europe and are grinding EUW solo queue in their spare time.

T1 AD carry Teddy, for example, recently had one of his games spectated live by LEC caster Caedrel. The Brit has been watching pros from around the world climbing their way up the European ladder. As a result, from time to time, he’s been catching amazing or bizarre plays performed by pros. And a situation from one of Teddy’s matches definitely falls under the second category.

The Korean marksman was playing Kindred jungle. In the mid game, he was recalling in the bottom lane after clearing a wave with low health. But then, the enemy Warwick unexpectedly approached him to grab a seemingly easy kill. To do so, the rival jungler used Infinite Duress (R) to close the distance and eliminate Teddy.

But it turned out that the destined leap to the opponent was far wider than expected. When Warwick’s ultimate was used, Teddy’s recall was almost finished. The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun had enough time to use the ability but not enough to kill his enemy. As a result, he took a long trip alongside Teddy to the fountain, dying instantly and, in the end, failing to get rid of the Korean.

Teddy is one of many players trying their luck in European solo queue. You can catch a lot of the pros preparing for Worlds 2021 on Caedrel’s Twitch channel or other streams.

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