Suning eliminate Victory Five from LPL playoffs

Victory's Five story ends here.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Suning have knocked Victory Five out of the LPL playoffs today, stopping their Cinderella story which saw V5 go from 17th place to a playoff team.

Victory Five began the League of Legends series on a high note by taking the first game but got exposed in the following games by the Chinese lions. The church of ppgod is going to shed a tear today following their idol’s elimination from playoffs.

Suning played exceptionally well following the 3-1 playoff script and taking three games in a row off V5 to stop their domination in LPL’s Summer Split.

The series began on a high note for V5, securing a hard-fought 32-minute win against Suning. Both teams pulled out their comfort picks, but V5’s superior teamfight towards the end secured them the win though.

In the second game, V5 tried out another tactic, but Suning were prepared for the playstyle and read them like a book. After giving up a couple of early kills, Suning regrouped and started taking down V5 fight after fight. In the end, V5 fell and lost the second match.

In the third match, Suning put up a good show by funneling resources into their Jhin. He was given a lot of early kills and he snowballed out of control. He was dishing out a lot of damage, killing every single member of V5 within the four shots in his kit. He outdamaged every member on his team and the only one with more damage was the enemy Ezreal, but that didn’t matter in the end.

Sreengrab from LPL

V5 subbed in their substitute ADC for the fourth game after being down to match point. V5 were outclassed this series overall, however. Suning played better in each lane, had better calls and much better control over vision over the map. This allowed them to secure three straight wins in a row to end V5’s playoff run.

Suning will be facing Top Esports in the semifinals next Saturday. While TES had a pretty dominating season, Suning has been looking phenomenal during the last couple of games and might be a worthy challenge to TES.

You can tune in at 4am CT on Saturday, Aug. 22 to see who will emerge victorious and advance to the finals of LPL’s Summer Split playoffs.

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