Sneaky cosplays K/DA Akali just in time for Worlds 2019

And it’s amazing.

Photo via Riot Games

Playing League of Legends is only one of Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi’s hobbies.

Cloud9’s AD carry made his cosplay return with K/DA Akali right before the 2019 League World Championship. Sneaky posted the photographs on his Twitter today, showing fans the insanely-accurate portrayal.

In the cosplay, Sneaky dons a cropped metallic bomber jacket, leather pants with an opening at the thigh, and a K/DA cap. To tie the look together, the League pro wears the distinct K/DA Akali mouth mask that features a set of chilling fangs.

The K/DA Akali skin was released last year to promote the 2018 World Championship when Riot formed a virtual K-pop girl group that also includes Ahri, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa.

Sneaky’s reason for cosplaying Akali was in hopes of getting mercy from his opponents at Worlds.

“Cosplaying Akali so I don’t get one shot by her,” the AD carry said, “Pls enemy team.”

The likeliness of Akali one-shotting opponents increased after Patch 9.19 gave the ninja some love, increasing her R2 maximum damage from 195/420/645 to 225/450/645.

This is one of many successful cosplays by C9’s bot laner. Sneaky cosplayed Pool Party Caitlyn last month, as well as Dark Elementalist Lux, Star Guardian Soraka, and Slay Belle Katarina.

Fans eager to watch Sneaky compete at Worlds 2019 can do so on Oct. 14 when C9 will face off against G2 Esports.

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