Sneaky’s latest cosplay is ready to slay for the holidays

Slay Belle Katarina is perfect for Sneaky's cosplay extravaganza.

Photo via Martin Wong

Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi was once one of the most famous professional League of Legends players on the continent. Nowadays, however, he’s known for something else—knocking fans dead with some semi-lewd (and sometimes lewd) cosplay. Oh, and he’s still also one of the most famous League players on the continent.

In his latest project, Sneaky dressed up as Katarina, a League champion, in her holiday-themed skin, Slay Belle Katarina. Just like his previous cosplay as Bowsette, he suited up with some prosthetics to sell the realism, and, well, you should just see for yourself.

Yeah, it’s incredible, but that’s just the level of quality Sneaky likes to hit with his cosplay. He’s ventured off of the League beat for a fair amount of his projects lately, but he’s still mostly known for staying within the confines of the game for each creation. He’s done Pizza Delivery Sivir, Star Guardian Soraka, and Elementalist Lux in the past.

Just like many of his past projects, his girlfriend Esther Lynn assisted with the makeup. The two definitely make a stellar cosplaying team. You can check out his Patreon to see the rest of his costumes.