Sneaky’s Bowsette and Peach cosplay is stunning

Sneaky is debuting two Mario-themed cosplays tonight.

Photo via Sneaky

Cloud9’s Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi is back with another cosplay in the League of Legends off-season. Instead of tapping League for inspiration, he’s found his next costume elsewhere in gaming: the Super Mario Bros. world. Sneaky’s actually got two looks this time around—Bowsette and Peach.

Bowsette is a fan-made iteration on Bowser, the Mario franchise’s titular bad guy. “Bowsette & Peach cosplay… with a little extra,” Sneaky tweeted tonight. As always, photos, makeup, and prop work is done by Sneaky’s girlfriend and cosplay partner, Esther Lynn.

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Esther Lynn attributes Sneaky’s “a little extra” to prosthetic and a lot of makeup blending, she tweeted

And it’s just another stunning Sneaky cosplay in the books. Fans can expect more in the League off-season, too. Each one seems to get just a bit better than the next. “Our Worlds run is over, so my off-season begins,” Sneaky wrote on Twitter in early November. “I’m happy with how far we made it this year and hope to be able to go beyond next year at Worlds. Many streams and cosplays coming soon.”

Many of Sneaky’s cosplay supporters are eagerly anticipating his collaboration with 100 Thieves’ Bae “Bang” Jun-sik. The two-time League World Champion joined the North American League Championship Series team last week—but more importantly, he’s got a cosplay in the works with Sneaky as a “thank you” to fans for voting the pair into the League All-Stars event. We don’t know when the cosplay will be revealed. The League All-Star event is scheduled to start on Dec. 6 in Las Vegas.