SKT launches official YouTube channels for players

SK Telecom T1 has launched a team channel, along with individual player channels.

Image via Azubu

LCK powerhouse SK Telecom T1 launched a line of official SKT-themed YouTube channels, for the team as a whole and the individual players.

All of SKT’s official channels are linked below:

SKT’s main YouTube account

SKT’s Faker YouTube account

SKT’s Peanut Youtube account

SKT’s Blank YouTube account

SKT’s Huni YouTube account

SKT’s Bang YouTube account

SKT’s Wolf YouTube account

All of the accounts will feature highlights of SKT’s streams and other content, including talks with the players and full gameplay videos.

The news comes off the back of a controversy surrounding SKT taking down videos uploaded by fans on YouTube from Twitch streams. The team released a statement earlier today, which you can view here.

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