Showmatches between Karmine Corp and Ibai and Piqué’s League of Legends team to take place in the offseason

These will be the first matches between both teams' iterations for the 2022 season.

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Great rivalries shape esports and Europe might see the birth of yet another one in its competitive League of Legends scene. The 2022 roster of Karmine Corp and Spanish streamer Ibai and soccer pro Gerard Piqué’s teams will face off against each other in two showmatches during the offseason, KC revealed earlier today.

The organization announced the event during a live press conference on Twitch in front of over 90,000 simultaneous viewers. The first showmatch will take place in Barcelona on Dec. 15 and the second will be held in Paris on Jan. 8.

These events will be the perfect opportunity for League fans to attend some live competitions since both matches will welcome a live audience, according to Karmine Corp’s tweet mentioning future information about the tickets and location of the venues. Ibai also revealed on Twitter that the Barcelona showmatch will take place in a 15,000 capacity venue called Palau Sant Jordi. The tickets already sold out.

Ibai and Piqué’s team has yet to be announced and it’s still shrouded in mystery. Its name is still unannounced, as well as its players. But Ibai is a prominent personality in Spain’s League community and it’s likely the team will be followed by many fans both in the country and in Europe, which should match the massive community following KC in France.

The French organization, which won both 2021 European Masters titles and one French League title through its first season in the scene, also announced more information on its 2022 LFL roster during the livestream. It revealed the re-signing of coach Striker and assistant coach Reha, while also parting ways with jungler Cinkrof, bot laner xMatty, and support Targamas.

All three players are reportedly set to join the LEC ahead of the 2022 season. Cinkrof and xMatty are reportedly joining new Swiss team BDS Esport, while Targamas is headed to the powerhouse of G2 Esports.

Karmine Corp has yet to reveal its 2022 roster, but it said more information would be given to the fans as soon as the free agency window opens later today.

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