Shad0w leads LGD Gaming to their first win of the 2021 LPL Summer Split against Ultra Prime

The former MAD Lions jungler is having a stellar debut in the LPL.

Photo via Riot Games

LGD Gaming picked up their first win of the 2021 LPL Summer Split in a 2-0 series today after a comeback led by Shad0w against Ultra Prime, formerly known as eStar.

The 20-year-old jungler played Udyr and Nidalee throughout today’s League of Legends series. While in the first game he was playing more reactively with the tank pick, in the second he took over the game with aggressive and proactive plays. Even though UP built a 5,000-gold lead in both games, Shad0w kept up with the opposing jungler to aid his team in the comebacks.

Shad0w has built up a great synergy with the mid laner Xiye, with both of them having a lot of impact on LGD’s comeback story. In both games, UP acquired a gold lead of around 5,000 gold early on, but after a couple of decisive teamfights by LGD, they lost the gold lead and the games both times. LGD looks to have a good mid and late game, but a lackluster early game. If they work on that, they’ll most likely advance to the top part of the standings alongside other strong teams such as EDG, RNG, JDG, and TES.

LGD (1-1) lost their first match of the split against Rare Atom in a close 1-2 series but bounced back today against UP. They’ll face Bilibili Gaming and JD Gaming next week. While the first team shouldn’t prove to be an issue to deal with since they are at the bottom of the standings, JDG are looking unstoppable and will be a difficult challenge to overcome.

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