Sett player uses 2 Haymakers to secure an unofficial pentakill

It was possible thanks to Sett going for the mathematically correct build.

Image via Riot Games

While most League of Legends players are used to Sett players building tanky items, others find themselves surprised once they encounter the “mathematically correct” build.

A player used this build to secure an unofficial pentakill and give his team another shot at winning the game by one-shoting his enemies with Haymaker, which deals a lot of damage if Sett was recently damaged and stacked up his Grit resource. While Sett killed the first two enemies, his teammates managed to die, leaving Sett stranded in a one-vs-three scenario. Thankfully, his opponents didn’t learn their lesson from the first encounter and managed to group up perfectly for Sett to line up his Haymaker and destroy the remaining enemies.

The “mathematically correct” build was discovered a couple of months ago on the Sett mains subreddit. The build focuses on picking up a lot of ability haste, attack damage, and health while avoiding stats such as armor and magic resist. This build allows you to reach around 5,000 health by the late game, while also being able to unleash devastating Haymakers that deal more than 2,000 true damage, depending on how much Grit you have.

While the build seems strong and capable of taking down entire teams, there’s a huge downside, especially against poke compositions. If you don’t position yourself properly in a teamfight, you can get poked down quickly since you’ll lack defensive stats. A mage with some magic penetration items could even one-shot you with a combo if you get caught in a CC chain.

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