Schalke 04’s Innaxe shows off the power of Aphelios against Rogue

Innaxe with the 200 years of experience.

Schalke 04 may have lost their game against Rogue today in the League of Legends European Championship, but ADC Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev demonstrated some cool Aphelios mechanics in the game, nearly carrying his team back towards a win.

In a lost fight near the dragon pit where the majority of Schalke 04 were wiped out, Innaxe was left alone against four Rogue members. Thanks to his swift moves and superior mechanical skill from the ‘200 years champion’ Aphelios, he killed two members of Rogue and survived the encounter unscathed.

Aphelios has been a nuissance since his release, receiving multiple nerfs following Patch 9.24 due to his power level. Fnatic’s ADC Rekkles recently shared his opinion that older champions no longer have a place in today’s meta due to powerful new releases such as League‘s latest marksman.

The bar is simply too high for old champions to be able to deal with the newer releases. The Fnatic ADC argued that Riot should update older kits instead of releasing newer ones, otherwise League‘s older champions will never be played due to how much weaker they are fundamentally compared to newer, more complex kits.

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While Innaxe did outplay the Rogue members in the teamfight with Fleet Footwork, the fact that he managed to take down two opponents in a one-vs-four is absurd. In the past, such cases were close to impossible with champions having clear weaknesses. Nowadays, champions’s kits are filled with too many answers for every situation, making them unfair for opponents who opt for a simpler champion design.

The LEC returns Friday, June 19. Schalke 04 will take on G2 Esports the same day at 1pm CT.