Every new rune coming with Runes Reforged this preseason in League

Read up and prepare yourself for the biggest change to hit League of Legends in the last two seasons.

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Runes Reforged is nearly here. In case you haven’t been reading up on Riot’s latest project over the past couple months, there’s a lot to take in. This project will take both the rune system and the mastery system currently in League of Legends, remove them, and replace them with one new rune system.

This project is supposed to go live during the preseason, and with Worlds right around the corner, that means we’re just about on the home stretch. There have been huge, dramatic new runes revealed so far, and some smaller, less scary ones. Even the smaller ones are going to cause dramatic changes in how we play the game, though.

The list of new runes grows every week as Riot releases more. Here are all of them.


After some time in combat, the player’s attack speed cap is temporarily spiked, and their attack speed itself boosts by a whopping 60 percent. This rune will be a powerhouse for hyper carry ADCs like Kog’Maw, Twitch, and Tristana.


Much like the current mastery Dangerous Game, Bloodlust restores a chunk of your missing health when you earn a takedown. The difference, however, is that Dangerous Game restores five percent. Bloodlust restores a whopping 15 percent of your missing health.


With this rune, after you’ve already used Flash and it’s on cooldown, you’re able to use a channeled version of Flash every 20 seconds. As soon as you enter combat, it goes on a 10-second cooldown, so there’s very limited uses for it.


When you begin attacking a tower, you begin charging up an attack, marked by a graphic appearing at the base of the tower. After four seconds of charging, your next attack will deal much more damage, equal to 375 plus 20 percent of your max health as physical damage.


Once the game hits 10 minutes, you’ll gain both 10 magic resist and 10 armor. You’ll also gain two of each resistance stat for each nearby enemy champion.

Font of Life

Font of Life is an altered version of the Stoneborn Pact mastery already in League of Legends, and, just like its counterpart, it will be useful mostly for wardens and support style tanks. When the wielder impairs the movement of an enemy champion, that enemy champion becomes the Font of Life. For the next four seconds, you and your allies can attack that target and heal for roughly one percent of your maximum health. You are only healed for one third of that value, where allies heal for the full amount.

Fortified Mind

An early game variant of Discipline, this rune gives you five MR and armor at the start of the game, rather than after 10 minutes, with two of each for every nearby enemy champion.

Gathering Storm

Every 10 minutes, the player will get both eight AP and six AD per set of 10 minutes elapsed. This effect also stacks. That’s a bit confusing, but look at it like this:

At 10 minutes, you’d get eight AP and six AD. At 20 minutes, you would get 16 AP and 12 AD more, or one set of eight AP and six AD per 10 minutes. Since 20 minutes is two sets of 10 minutes (math, yay), you get two sets of boosts added on top. At 40 minutes, the boost would be 80 AP and 60 AD total, which again is one set of boosts per 10 minutes gone by added every 10 minutes.

Guardian Soul

Guardian Soul is a channeled shield that you can gift your carries to protect them from damage when a fight breaks out.

It gives both enchanters and wardens, two types of supports that love their shields, more room to express skill and game knowledge, which is one of the goals of the new rune system. 

Hextech Freezeray

Hextech Freezeray has two effects. Firstly, it causes your first attack against a target to slow them for 1.5 seconds by a significant amount. It has an internal cooldown of eight seconds, scaling down to three seconds as the game goes on. That means that every three seconds your attacks will slow enemies by a great deal later in the game.

Hunt of the Blood Moon

This rune automatically enchants your in-game boots with the Blood Moon’s Call enchantment. It turns your boots into an active ability on a three minute cooldown, and the cooldown is initiated if you’re interrupted or even damaged while casting it, so you have to be safe. After activation, it provides its user a massive boost to damage and movement speed for a short duration.


This altered version of the Intelligence mastery gives you five percent cooldown reduction on pretty much everything—summoner spells, items, rune effects, and it still raises your total CDR cap by five percent. It also still gives you five percent regular cooldown reduction.

Magical Footwear

This rune grants you a free pair of boots at 10 minutes, and as a drawback, you cannot purchase boots before then. This is one of the tamest runes revealed so far.


Whenever you damage an opponent with an ability, you automatically hurl this flaming pile of nightmares at them, and it deals a chunk of bonus damage. This works especially well on mages with crowd control abilities, like Lux, who can hold the victim in place while the meteor makes its way to them.


This rune causes all excess healing to be converted into a shield. This is a great choice when you’re paying with wardens or enchanter supports.


This rune grants you up to 14 AD and 20 AP based on level as long as you’re above 80 percent of your health pool. Don’t take this rune if you’ll be laning against a lane bully that can keep your health low throughout laning phase.

Perfect Timing and Stopwatch

To explain this rune, we must explain a new item that’s being added to the game alongside it. The item, called the Stopwatch, will be a new component of the Zhonya’s Hourglass. It has the same stasis active as Zhonya’s, but it can only be used once before it’s upgraded into the full item.

The new rune is called Perfect Timing, and it gives the player a free item called the Commencing Stopwatch that transforms into a usable Stopwatch after six minutes have passed in the game. That’s not where the usefulness ends, however. The rune also lowers the cooldown on both Zhonya’s Hourglass and the Guardian Angel by 15 percent.


Perxie is a small, lazily named pixie that grants your allies a shield whenever you cast an ability on them. It also helps you by dealing bonus damage to all enemies you hit with abilities as well. This will be fantastic for enchanter supports, like Lulu.


The rune is designed to give you a power spike whenever you use summoner spells in duels with enemy champions. After using a summoner, you gain 25 percent tenacity and 25 percent slow resistance for 10 seconds. You also gain 10 percent more armor and magic resist per summoner spell on cooldown. This applies to Smite and all iterations of it, so this will be very attractive for junglers.

Ruined King’s Tribute

This rune is just like Grasp of the Undying, except it’s on steroids. Every four seconds in combat, your next attack will deal damage to all nearby enemies and monsters equal to three percent of your max health. It will also heal you for up to 75 percent of the damage dealt, scaling with your level.

Spellslinger’s Surge

Spellslinger’s will boost your movement speed by 60 percent, as compared to Stormraider’s Surge which boosts by 40 percent. To proc this rune, you will have to land three unique attacks, which means three auto attacks, three different abilities, or a combination of the two.

Stone Skin

Stone skin grants you a passive five bonus armor, boosting by two more per each nearby enemy champion.

Store Credit

Store Credit allows you to enter into debt at the in-game shop to buy items. The method of paying back the debt hasn’t been revealed yet, but the idea itself is very unique. The amount you can borrow increases as the game goes on. It starts at 150 gold and increases by five every minute.

Stormlord’s Mandate

This is the beefed up version of the current Thunderlord’s mastery. It deals a lot more damage than its mastery counterpart, but it has to be activated by three unique attacks or abilities, meaning you’ll no longer be able to proc it with a single ability that has more than one hit.

Summoner Specialist

Summoner Specialist gives you an in-game token called a Summoner Shard every time you use a Summoner Spell. When you’ve collected three, you can exchange them to swap one of your Summoner Spells out for another. This is useful for a number of reasons. A support could take both Exhaust and Ignite to cheese the enemy lane and get an early lead, and then swap to Heal later on to prevent your lead from being lost.

The Third Path

This rather tame rune gives you 100 more health, but at the cost of less damage. You will 10 percent less damage to champions, but only for the first 10 minutes of the game. Don’t take this if you need early game power.


This is another altered version of the Intelligence mastery. Where Intelligence grants you five percent cooldown reduction and raises your CDR cap by five percent as well, this mastery only affects your ultimate ability. The CD on your ultimate ability will be dropped by five percent, and it will have a five percent higher CDR cap alone. That’s not the interesting part, though. The interesting part is that the cooldown of your ultimate ability will decrease by 1.5 percent each time you use the ultimate ability, stacking 10 times. That means that champions like Vi will get a stacked 15 percent lower cooldown on their ultimates by the end of the game, which means many more big plays can be made.

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