RP, Mythic Essence, and more now available through December’s League Prime Gaming capsule

Grab your early holiday present before it's gone.

Image via Riot Games

For those League of Legends players who are subscribed to Prime Gaming, your rewards for December are now ready to be claimed.

A new Prime Gaming Capsule is available as of today via Prime Gaming’s official website and is likely the last League freebie that will be available to subscribers for the year. As with all previous iterations of the drop, it will contain a random unowned skin permanent of 1,350 RP or more value, 350 RP, five Mythic Essence, 200 Orange Essence, five champion shards, two series one Eternals shards, and a 30-day XP boost.

Subscribers of Prime Gaming must link their Riot Games account to be eligible to receive this drop or drops for any other Riot title. This can be done by clicking on the Prime Gaming Capsule itself on the official website and scrolling down to an area where they will be prompted to link their two accounts.

The Mythic Essence obtained via this Prime Gaming Capsule, while not a substantial amount, can be used in the Mythic Essence shop, which can also be accessed via the Loot tab. There, players can purchase a variety of Mythic-tier items, including a rotating variety of skins, many of which are Prestige versions that could only be obtained through specific events.

Once claimed, the capsule will appear in players’ Loot tab in the League client. If it does not appear immediately, players should wait for it to appear, then contact Riot Support if the drop hasn’t appeared after a considerable amount of time.

The Prime Gaming Capsule for December is now available to claim until Dec. 29, when it is likely that another capsule will take its place.