Romain leaves Unicorns of Love

One of the biggest personalities in the EU LCS is moving on.

Photo via Riot Games

Romain Bigeard, Unicorns of Love’s team manager, is departing from the organization.

As one of the biggest personalities in the EU LCS, Romain has become synonymous with the UOL brand and is widely known around the League community for his troublesome antics and spicy interviews, as well as his happy-go-lucky attitude.

Romain joined UOL two years ago and has been with the team for multiple seasons. He was one of the main reasons behind UOL’s chaotic playstyle where we saw picks like Rumble in the jungle.

“Today I am leaving UOL, to go on a new adventure and face new challenges,” Bigeard said. “I received an offer of that kind you cannot refuse, and I will take it. It is a huge step for me, and I believe I am making the right move.”

It’s currently unknown if or when we will see Romain again in the EU LCS, or where he will go next. One thing is certain, howeverwhoever pulled Romain away from UOL has secured an EU LCS legend.

UOL are currently looking for a new team manager who will have the colossal task of filling the void left by Romain.