Riot rushes out Renata nerfs as new League champ’s win rate continues to climb

The Chem Baroness’ arrival on the Rift has been a little too hostile.

Admiral Glasc from League of Legends.
Image via Riot Games

The Riot Games developers have rushed out a small League of Legends update on Feb. 22 targeting new champion Renata, after the Zaunite support’s win rate ticked over 52 percent just days after her Summoner’s Rift release.

Renata Glasc arrived in League last Thursday and immediately made her presence felt via her revive ability and powerful mind-control ultimate.

While many new League champions often arrive with low win rates (Zeri won just 37 percent of games when she arrived), the Chem Baroness has already had a major impact on games. After less than seven days, Renata has hit 52 percent win rate in her main role as support⁠—and that number continues to grow.

To combat this, the Riot dev team is taking a swing at different parts of Champ 159’s design, they confirmed on Twitter, including her base stats, passive, and Bailout ability.

Renata’s armor per level has been dropped slightly, from four to 3.5. The server-side February update also hit her Leverage passive in a bid to “keep growth more appreciable [without] it reaching as high a value.” Renata’s passive now stops scaling at level 11 and deals three percent damage at high levels instead of five.

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The final change focuses on Renata’s “W” ability, Bailout. This powerful spell allows the Zaunite support to temporarily revive allies. Its cooldown has been bumped to 24 seconds at max rank and will burn out quicker (2.5 seconds, compared to three seconds). Finally, allies revived with Glasc’s Bailout ability will receive just 20 percent health to avoid long-running revive chains from the Season 12 debutant.

“Uptime on W is too high,” dev Blake Smith said. “We want it [to be] easier to run away from a dying enemy or burn them. [These nerfs] should lead to less chain revives.”

Image via Riot Games

Renata’s presence on the Rift should drop slightly following these changes. Right now, the newest League of Legends character appears in 15.9 percent of all games, according to League stats site Lolalytics. She has been banned a further 37.49 percent of the time in all recorded ranked lobbies.

Riot has yet to confirm whether Renata will be available for selection in professional play this weekend. The LCS and LEC will switch to Patch 12.4 for games from Friday.

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