Renata Glasc is now live in League of Legends

"There's a reason I call the shots."

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Willing or not, Renata Glasc is ready to make some deadly business propositions on Summoner’s Rift soon. Runeterra’s terrifying new Chembaroness is now available on League of Legends’ live servers for Patch 12.4.

The newest support to join League’s expanding champion pool hails from the sprawling undercity of Zaun, where her mother and father were known to be brilliant alchemists who focused on creating new innovations for the healing arts. Renata Glasc, on the other hand, did not share her family’s talent for alchemy but did have impeccable business acumen.

Since then, she’s grown into one of the most ruthless and successful chem-barons in the city. And as she enters the battle in your solo queue games, you’ll hope that she’s working with you on the way to victory with her unique and dangerous abilities.

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Renata Glasc has plenty of different ways to convince players to do her bidding, whether it’s her powerful root-and-throw Q ability called Handshake or her Loyalty Program ability that shoots Chemtech rockets that both shield allies and damage enemies that are hit. But her W ability and ultimate are what set her apart from the rest of the competition.

Her Bailout ability brings yet another resurrect to League, with Renata Glasc buffing herself or an ally with ramping attack and movement speed toward enemies. If an affected champ gets a takedown, the buff duration resets. The resurrect, however, activates if the buffed ally is killed. Instead of dying, their health is reset to full, but they begin burning to death over three seconds. The player can stop the burn by getting a takedown, though.

Additionally, her ultimate ability is bringing a completely new crowd control to the game called Berserk. When her R is pressed, Renata Glasc sends out a cloud of chemicals that increases an enemy champion’s attack speed and causes them to auto attack nearby allied champions. It’s the first time that friendly fire has been truly implemented into the game, which should bring many exciting moments across the ranks.

You can go test out Renata Glasc now in League.


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