Riot reveals tentative adjustment list for League’s Worlds patch, including big changes to Orianna and Fiora

Big changes to some key champs could cause a shift in the pro meta.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has shown off the first potential changelist for League of Legends‘ upcoming Patch 9.19. This patch will also be what players will compete on during the 2019 World Championship this October. A plethora of champions are getting adjusted this time around, but there are a few buffs that have fans buzzing.

First off, Fiora is getting a pretty significant change to her kit—her Q ability can now hit turrets, plants, and wards. Additionally, the second part of her E ability can now crit turrets as well. These changes will allow players to take turrets incredibly quick, which could make her a possible pick for certain team compositions when Worlds begins.

Orianna has been a big pick for many teams at Worlds, and if these changes go through, she may jump up in priority for mid lane players once again. Her ultimate ability is getting a big buff from 150-300 ability damage plus 70 percent AP to 200-350 ability damage plus 80 percent AP.

Many people have already discussed the proposed Riven buffs, which will see her W ability’s AD ratio increased and her ultimate’s damage increased as well. Although she isn’t a priority pick for the pro meta, this could cause some ripples at the higher echelons of solo queue in various regions.

As for nerfs, Karma is taking a hit to her Q, with her AP ratio dropping from 60 percent to 40 percent. Yuumi’s Q will now only slow for 20 percent at all levels, and the slow duration is also being reduced.

We will probably see a good amount of changes to these adjustments before we hit the next patch, but it is good for teams to see what Riot is planning while they plan strategies ahead of the biggest League tournament of the year.