Riot outlines potential changes for League Patch 10.25, including crit ADC and support buffs, more tank nerfs

But "nothing is 100% guaranteed," Riot says.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter listed some issues that Riot’s investigating today, which would go live in Patch 10.25.

Riot first wants to see how the Patch 10.24 balance adjustments affect the meta, reassessing what still needs to be done in the following update. But a major overhaul of the item system is bound to cause some unintentional outliers.

While the marksman was one of the weaker roles last season, it appears that trend may have continued in the 2021 preseason. But AD carry mains will be happy to see buffs on the list, especially since crit users took a huge hit this preseason. While there are some marksman items getting improved in Patch 10.24, like Phantom Dancer and Kraken Slayer, Riot might still have to pump more power into those items in 10.25.

The support role, with a specific emphasis on enchanters, may also get some love, along with Tiamat-wielding champs, mages that previously used Tear for mana, and some AP junglers.

And if tanks continue their reign of terror on the Rift, Riot will nerf them further. League‘s beefier champs are already getting taken down a peg with the Bami’s Cinder nerfs and all the items that build into it. In one hilarious clip, five tanks wielding Bami’s Cinder items were able to kill Baron without touching it. The much-needed tank nerfs aim to even the scales. Amumu is also getting specifically targeted with a decrease in his W’s AP ratio.

These balance tweaks are tentative and liable to change before going live, especially if the 10.24 adjustments are enough.

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