Riot outlines nerfs for Hecarim, Graves, and Nidalee in League’s Patch 10.21 preview

The jungle is the focus of next week's patch.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter detailed all the changes coming to Patch 10.21 in today’s preview, focusing on the jungle position. 

Hecarim, Graves, and Nidalee—champions popular in solo queue and pro play—are the targets of next week’s patch.

Hecarim and Graves shot up the ladder in Patch 10.20 and are now among the strongest champions in their position. Hecarim has a 53.05 percent win rate in solo queue, while Graves sits at 51.02 percent, according to

Nidalee hasn’t had much luck in solo queue, but at Worlds 2020, she’s one of the most contested picks with a 95.8 percent pick or ban rate—the highest in the tournament—and a 54.5 percent win rate, according to the League Esports Wiki.

Hecarim, Graves, and Nidalee are carry-orientated champions, focusing on farming in the early game and wreaking havoc in the mid to late game. They deal a sizable amount of damage and can be used to catch out unsuspecting enemies and engage in teamfights. 

In Patch 10.21, Riot is targeting Hecarim’s Devastating Charge (E) ability, reducing its base damage from 45 to 165 to 35 to 155, and its max base damage from 90 to 330 to 70 to 310. This should help put a stop to the prancing horse’s reign of terror.

Graves, on the other hand, is receiving a minor nerf to his Quickdraw’s (E) armor per stack, from eight to 20 to six to 18, while Nidalee is taking a hit to her base attack damage from 61 to 58.

These nerfs are liable to change before the patch goes live on Wednesday, Oct. 14, according to Scruffy

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