Riot is changing Zeri next patch, will lower mobility and utility for better damage and cooldowns

The Spark of Zaun is getting some electric adjustments soon.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed Runeterra’s resident zapster Zeri will be getting some adjustments to her kit in an upcoming League of Legends patch. The changes are aimed toward nerfing her mobility and utility while also increasing her overall damage and cooldowns.

Lead champion designer August Browning showed off the changes on social media, detailing the differences some AD carries will see in-game. For example, Zeri’s Q, Burst Fire, will have its active damage increased at all levels, with its passive charged auto-attack getting a buff to its damage as well.

The slow on her charged auto-attacks will not slow enemies anymore.

Zeri’s Ultrashock Laser is also getting buffs with its cooldown getting reduced by a second at all levels and its AD ratio being buffed by 0.1, while also critically striking any champions after hitting a wall. The ability’s slowing effect, however, is being reduced by 20 percent at max level.

The Spark of Zaun will also be able to dash around a bit more, thanks to some base cooldown reductions to her Spark Surge ability. However, players won’t be able to reduce the cooldown of the ability as effectively, because the CD reduction per hit is getting dropped by half at all instances.

Finally, Lightning Crash is getting some early level cooldown reductions while also getting double the stacks of Overcharge per enemy champion hit by the ability’s area-of-effect. This might seem like a lot, but each stack of Overcharge will only give Zeri around one percent bonus movement speed instead of the previous 1.5 percent.

As a result, Zeril will still need to be right in the middle of the League of Legends action if she wants to find the most optimal ultimate use on the Rift.

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