Riot Games plans to have “something in place” for Fantasy LCS for Spring 2020

Fantasy LCS has been canceled since the 2019 Spring Season.

Photo via Riot Games

It has been a long time since League of Legends fans have been able to play Fantasy LCS. Fortunately, Riot Games has revealed that it has plans for the popular team building game mode, and the team will be showing those plans off very soon.

“We’re still pushing on the solution that we’ve been working on,” LCS commissioner Chris Greeley said. “We expect to be able to share these plans or an alternate solution to work with the community by August 31—our goal remains to have something in place for Spring 2020.”

Fantasy LCS is a game that many players and fans of the competitive League scene have long been asking for. It allowed players to draft pro players in order to create the ultimate LCS and LEC team—each player’s team would then compete against each other every week, to see who’s team could collect the most points based on kills, assists, and creep score.

Riot ended up canceling Fantasy LCS for Spring 2019 after explaining that it was creating a new experience for its users. Many people thought that Fantasy would be ready for the following season, but Greeley announced that Riot did not find a suitable partner to help develop the product, right before the summer.

We now have to wait until the end of August to get any news about our beloved Fantasy mode, and even then, Riot’s aim of Spring 2020 is still not a guarantee. We just have to hope that the company has found a good way to deliver a top-notch fantasy league experience for its fans.