Players are reporting hours-long waits to get into the League PBE

A lot of people want to try Teamfight Tactics, and Riot is aware of the issue.

Image via Riot Games

If you’re wanting to get into the League of Legends Public Beta Environment to try Teamfight Tactics, you might want to start queuing up now.

On the first day of the autobattler’s release, PBE servers were immediately swamped with players trying to test it out. On day two, more players are reporting hours-long waits to get into the PBE.

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Unlike the regular League client, the PBE only supports a certain number of users at a time. In the past, PBE accounts were reserved for an exclusive few, but in recent years, Riot has opened it up to anyone with an Honor level of three or higher on their main account.

Unfortunately, the PBE client’s queue count only goes up to 9,000. In addition, so many players are attempting to log in that it actually broke the client’s ETA estimator. Riot is aware of the issue but has been quiet on a potential fix.

Just know that if you’ve been waiting for hours to get into the PBE, you’re not alone. And we have no idea when you’ll finally be able to launch into Teamfight Tactics. But this is a good sign for the new game mode that so many players are rushing to try it.