One bottom lane duo is taking over League solo queue with a 55 percent win rate together

"Fight like you mean it. Die for something that matters!"

Rell from League of Legends
Image via Riot Games

Many League of Legends players have been hunting for the perfect combination of champions to play alongside their solo queue partner. There have been some classic pairings in the past that always seem to work in any meta, but there are two picks that have been sweeping up the competition.

In Platinum ranks and higher, Samira and Rell are crushing opposing summoners with a destructive 55.57 percent win rate as a duo over 24 thousand matches played, according to popular League stats aggregate U.GG. The Desert Rose and the Iron Maiden step onto the battlefield as some of the most feared champions due to their ability to combine their ultimates together to devastating effect.

Samira and Rell can be used in tandem since their abilities work perfectly together, even without each other’s ultimates. Rell has a ton of crowd control to hold her enemies in place so that Samira can stack up her Daredevil Impulse to activate her ultimate ability.

Additionally, Rell has a huge knock-up that Samira can chain her own passive auto-attack with, extending the crowd control for a moment more. But their deadliest combination comes when they pair their ultimates together. Rell’s Magnet Storm pulls in all enemies that are nearby, then drags them towards the player for two seconds.

Players are usually forced to either flash or use a movement ability or item to escape, but while they’re immobilized, Samira can jump in and pop her Inferno Trigger. If enemies are stuck trying to escape Rell’s ultimate, they’ll have almost no time to react to Samira as she shreds through them to victory.

Samira is actually featured in three champion pairings with some of the highest win rates in their class right now, and has been paired with picks like Amumu and Renata Glasc. The theme is similar with these supports: plenty of crowd control and big ultimates can lock down a ton of enemies all at once. That’s Samira’s cue that it’s her time to shine.

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