Next League skin shard now available through Prime Gaming

Another free skin shard, another chance to get that juicy Ultimate skin for free.

Image via Riot Games

Skin-lovers of League of Legends, prepare to test your luck once more.

A new skin shard is now available for Prime Gaming members on its website. This opportunity for a free League cosmetic will only be available until July 1, when the next free skin shard will then be obtainable.

Prime Gaming offers League players, as well as players of a variety of other games, an opportunity to obtain free in-game loot solely by being an Amazon Prime member. While other games often receive small content drops on occasion, League players have been able to obtain a new free skin shard every few weeks for over a year, allowing players to get their hands on a multitude of skins. But since each skin shard contains a random skin from the assortment of over 1,000 skins now available within the game, this free skin may turn into free Orange Essence for some players.

This skin shard is the second one that’s been mde available this month and a part of the 36 skin shards planned to be available through January 2022. It’s guaranteed to contain a skin shard of any skin belonging to any champion, regardless of its rarity or current availability. This also means that players can obtain a duplicate skin that they may already own, which can be turned into the aforementioned Orange Essence to unlock another cosmetic in their inventory or be mixed with two other skin shards to create a random permanent skin.

Amazon Prime members are eligible to obtain this skin via Prime Gaming, which comes free with a Prime subscription.

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