Maxim tries professional backseat gaming, plays TFT in a car with a steering wheel

He even has a steering wheel to check off all the boxes.

maxim backseat gaming tft
Screengrab via Maxim

By day, Maxim Markow is a popular German caster for the EU LCS.

By a different time of day, Maxim is a daring streamer and content creator, willing to do anything to entertain his viewers, even if that includes reading League patch notes naked. His latest endeavor is as a professional backseat gamer, playing Teamfight Tactics in the back of a car, complete with a steering wheel controller.

Maxim set up a fully functional system in the backseat of his car. By using a lightweight mini-PC, he managed to squeeze a CPU, monitor, and gaming peripherals in the tiny space.

His weapon of choice was a steering wheel controller to for a complete backseat gaming experience. Now fully equipped, he booted up a game of TFT.

Throughout the video, the German caster played TFT, ate fast food, and actually managed to steer his way to a victory. Maxim just might have discovered a new revolution in mobile gaming.

To truly become a pro backseat gamer, the next step might be to get a victory on Summoner’s Rift. Considering Maxim’s track record, he’s probably already on course.