MAD Lions secure fourth place in LEC Spring Split standings

Carzzy had no brakes on Syndra.

Photo via Riot Games

MAD Lions have secured fourth place after a convincing win against Origen today and will now be starting in the upper bracket of the European League of Legends region’s Spring Split playoffs.

Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser led the charge for his team on the support Sett pick, which allowed his ADC on Syndra to snowball. Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság was a beast this game, completely stomping the bot lane of Origen. He ended the game with 10 kills, one death, and four assists.

Origen looked dominant in the past three games held in the new online format, but this game they looked quite lost. Every lane outside the top lane fed and played much worse compared to their expected performance. The most impactful feeding lane was the bottom lane, with Aphelios and Nautilus ending with a combined zero kill, eleven deaths, and seven assists.

This win puts MAD Lions in a great situation since the playoff rules have changed this season. The top four teams start in the upper bracket and their first loss demotes them to the loser’s bracket, while the bottom two start in the loser’s bracket and a single loss kicks them out of championship title contention.

The online environment of the LEC has had a positive impact on their performance. The rookies won three out of four games in the past two weeks since LEC went to an online format.

With the playoff being held in an online format, MAD Lions will have an inherent advantage since they seem to have adapted very well to this environment. Tune in to the playoffs, which begin on April 3.