Graves' Porcelain skin from League of Legends
Image via Riot Games

Here are the LoL Patch 14.4 notes

Forget Valentine's Day, it's all about League updates.

For all the lovers in the house who forgot to tee up a date for Valentine’s Day last week, we have something much better for you: League of Legends Patch 14.4, which is already shaping up to be quite the big one.

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The fourth update of the 2024 League season is on the way, and it’s stuffed to the absolute brim with changes to every aspect of the game. Riot is set to introduce 19 champion changes and at least five item tweaks⁠—as well as more comprehensive support and mage item balancing⁠—as well as updates to fountain healing and how tethering works.

There are also plans brewing, Riot Phroxzon teased on Feb. 13, for changes to how the camera offset works for anyone playing on the Rift’s red side.

Here’s everything you need to know about League’s Patch 14.4 update.

When will League Patch 14.4 go live?

League Patch 14.4 will go live on Thursday, Feb. 22, according to Riot’s official patch schedule. Nearly all League patches go live on Wednesdays, but this update has been pushed back a day—most likely due to Presidents’ Day, which was on Monday, Feb. 19. When the patch does arrive (24 hours later, remember), it will begin staging on the Australian servers first up.

Here are all the key patching times:

  • 3pm CT (NA)
  • 5am GMT (EU West)
  • 3am CET (EU North East)
  • 8am KR (Korea)

Here’s a countdown to the NA League release.

Timer expired

Expect several hours of server downtime once patching begins. Matchmaking will be disabled across all League queues three hours before the update is set live.

What’s in League Patch 14.4?

Busted Twisted Fate gets nerfs

Twisted Fate's base skin in League of Legends
Twisted Fate is about to take a substantial hit in power.  Image via Riot Games

Riot realized it can’t wait on Twisted Fate changes and squeezed several nerfs into this update’s plans as the teleporting mage continues to spike in win rate across the Rift. These urgent tweaks will hit his attack speed and the ability power ratio on his blue cards and will see his E ability power ratio shaved slightly.

Riot targets season 14 power picks

Aurelion Sol's splash art in League of Legends
Aurelion Sol mains, be wary since he’s getting slammed with the nerf hammer. Image via Riot Games

The League devs are trying to wrangle in some of the strongest outliers in the season 14 metagame this update, including Urgot and Fiora⁠—who have totally taken over the top lane⁠—and AD carry menaces Varus and Kalista. Other top picks also under the microscope include Maokai, who has been near-unbeatable in support, as well as Bard, Aurelion Sol, and Zyra.

New support items get even more help

Riot is also taking a closer look at the new combined League support items in this update, with changes mostly revolving around how early stack charges activate. League lead gameplay designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison explained the devs are eager to “discourage non-support item start for supports” and push them toward the shiny new items instead.

Lunar New Year celebrations continue with Porcelain skins

Porcelain Darius splash art LoL
Darius is one of the champions in line to receive a Porcelain skin. Image via Riot Games

Six more lucky League champions will be joining the ever-popular Porcelain skin line in this patch, including Aurelion Sol, Morgana, Miss Fortune, Darius, Graves, and Irelia, which brings the cosmetic set up to 11. This marks the first new set of additions to the Porcelain skin line since it was first introduced in 2022.

The standout skin is for Kindred, with the dual-spirit jungler getting a Prestige variant of the Porcelain skin that was released for the champion two years ago. The design is incredible; Lamb now has a flowing white mane and comes equipped with an ornate golden bow. Similarly, Wolf is now adorned in gold and his eyes glow purple.

Here are all the skins coming in this patch:

  • Porcelain Protector Aurelion Sol (1,820 RP)
  • Porcelain Darius (1,350 RP)
  • Porcelain Graves (1,350 RP)
  • Porcelain Irelia (1,350 RP)
  • Prestige Porcelain Kindred (150 Mythic Essence)
  • Porcelain Miss Fortune (1,350 RP)
  • Porcelain Morgana (1,350 RP)

These skins will go live during the Patch 14.4 cycle.

Kindred's Prestige Porcelain skin from League of Legends
Kindred is decked out in gold, purple, and white in their new Prestige Porcelain skin. Image via Riot Games

League Patch 14.4 patch notes



  • Passive cooldown decreased from 24-12 seconds to 22-10 seconds.


  • Health growth increased from 96 to 104.
  • Q ability power ratio increased from 45 percent to 50 percent.


  • Attack damage increased from 57 to 59.
  • Melee W mana restored increased from 10-20 to 15-25.
  • Melee W damage per tick increased from 35-110 to 40-115.
  • Melee E mirrors Lee Sin’s R knockback functionality.


  • R cast range increased from 1,500-3,000 to 2,000-3,000.


  • Q doublehit damage increased from 25 percent to 50 percent.
  • E damage increased from 80-240 to 80-260.
  • E shield increased from 75-235 to 80-260.


  • Q heal increased from 12-36 (+15 percent bonus attack damage) to 12-44 (+17 percent bonus attack damage).
  • E cooldown decreased from 16-12 seconds to 16-10 seconds.
  • R bonus health increased from 250-550 to 300-700.


  • Passive movement speed increased from 70 percent to 90 percent.
  • Q heal increased from 50-110 to 60-120.
  • R cooldown decreased from 160-130 seconds to 150-120 seconds.


  • Armor increased from 28 to 31.
  • E damage increased from 75-235 to 75-255.
  • R cooldown decreased from 140-100 seconds to 120-80 seconds.


  • Q magic shield increased from 8-24 percent to 12-32 percent.
  • E cooldown decreased from 13 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Duration of R’s turret disable decreased from 3-5 seconds to 2-4 seconds.

Aurelion Sol

  • Q bonus magic damage per one second decreased from 60-100 (+35 percent ability power) to 55-95 (+30 percent ability power).


  • Armor growth decreased from five to 5.2.
  • Attack speed increased from 0.625 to 0.658.
  • Passive damage decreased from 35 + 14/5 Chimes + 30 percent ability power to 35 + 10/5 Chimes + 40 percent ability power.
  • Q damage decreased from 80-260 + 65 percent ability power to 80-240 +80 percent ability power.


  • W slow decreased from 50 percent to 25 percent.


  • Tentacle damage decreased from 9-162 + 115 percent total attack damage to 9-192 + 100 percent total attack damage.


  • Rend base damage decreased from 20-60 +70 percent total attack damage to 10-50 +70 percent total attack damage.


  • Armor decreased from 39 to 35.
  • Q damage decreased from 70-270 + 2-4 percent max HP to 66-265 + 2-4 max HP.
  • R root duration decreased from 0.8-2.6 seconds to 0.75-2.25 seconds.


  • Hullbreaker interaction will hopefully work properly.


  • Base attack damage decreased from 62 to 60.


  • Plant damage decreased from 20-88 + 18 percent ability power to 16-84 + 18 percent ability power.
  • Bonus monster damage increased from 40-100 to 60-100.


  • Health increased from 570 to 625.
  • Mana increased from 290 to 320.
  • W Armor and Magic Resist ratio increased from 50 percent to 85 percent.
  • All Out Q no longer slows.
  • All Out W no longer has a faster cooldown or cast time.
  • E dash speed decreased to 20-40 percent.


  • Passive healing, tunnel dash speed, tunnel cooldowns, and W knock-up are buffed.
  • W damage nerfed.
  • These changes are “meant to be a buff.”


  • Target dying while Q missile is in flight still grants Smolder a stack.
  • Q 125 stacks of missiles changed from two + one dragon practice stacks to one + 1.5 dragon practice stacks.
  • W cooldown changed from 13-11 seconds to 14-10 seconds.
  • W base damage decreased from 70-150 + 25 percent total attack damage + 35 percent ability power to 50-170 + 25 percent bonus attack damage + 20 percent ability power.
  • W explosion damage increased from 25-85 + 65 percent ability power to 25-85 + 25 bonus attack damage + 80 percent ability power.
  • R will still cast even if Smolder dies during the cast time.

Twisted Fate

  • Attack speed growth decreased from three percent to 2.5 percent.
  • W’s Blue Card AP ratio decreased from 115 percent to 100 percent.
  • E AP ratio decreased from 50 percent to 40 percent.


Black Cleaver

  • Shred cap increased from 24 percent in six hits to 25 percent in five hits.
  • Kindlegem + Long Sword changed to Warhammer + Ruby Crystal.
  • Passive movement speed now applies even if damage is mitigated. It’s also now full power for ranged champions.


  • Now classified as an “on-hit” item as opposed to an “on-attack” item.

Ravenous Hydra

  • New: Active benefits from 150 percent of your lifesteal.


  • Passive movement speed now applies even if damage is mitigated.
  • Active movement speed now decays over three seconds instead of 1.5 and has a buff icon.


  • Stack cap decreased from five each to three each.
  • Maximum armor and magic resistance changed from 15-25 to 18-24.
  • Dagger changed to Recurve Bow in item’s recipe.

Support items

  • Charge rate increased from 18 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • First charge time decreased from 2:08 to 1:50.
  • Bloodsong ranged amplifier recuded from six percent to five percent.
  • Solstice Sleigh health changed from 120 to seven percent maximum health.
  • Movement speed decreased from 90 decaying over four seconds to 30 percent decaying over three seconds.
  • Zaz’Zak’s damage increased from 50 + 15 percent ability power + three percent maximum health to 20 + 20 percent ability power + four percent maximum health.
  • Cooldown reduced from 9-6 seconds to 8-6 seconds.

Mana mage items (Archangel’s Staff, Luden’s Companion, Malignance)

  • Ability haste increased by five.


Lethal Tempo

  • Melee attack speed per stack decreased from 9-13.5 percent to 5-16 percent.


Fountain regeneration

  • Maximum health regeneration per one second increased from 8.4 percent to 10.4 percent.


Camera offset settings (red side)

  • Increased visibility at the bottom of the screen for per-side offset camera option.

Windows minimum system requirements update

  • Patch 14.4 will update the minimum version of Windows required to run League of Legends. If you have a PC that utilizes Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, you will no longer be supported as of this patch.
  • This rule will also be in effect for Teamfight Tactics.

Emerald and below ranked LP system changes

  • Riot has described LP gains and losses at ranks ranging from Emerald and lower as being “too streaky.” A change in Patch 14.4 will lower the amount of LP you gain and lose at these ranks in order to lower volatility in your climb.

Bug fixes

  • Viego can no longer possess two champions at once.
  • Smolder can now fly over Yorick’s Dark Procession (W) without any issue.
  • All of Illaoi’s tentacles, regardless of how they’re spawned, will now be the same size.
  • Fixed an interaction that caused Tibbers to deal damage to an allied Nami when shielding Annie with Tidecaller’s Blessing (E).
  • Rift Herald’s charging animation will no longer cause Smolder to get stuck inside terrain.
  • Voidgrubs will no longer be updated on the opposing team’s scoreboard graphic.


Porcelain Protector Aurelion Sol

Porcelain Darius

Porcelain Graves

Porcelain Irelia

Prestige Porcelain Kindred

Porcelain Miss Fortune

Porcelain Morgana

This article is being updated throughout the League Patch 14.4 patch cycle.

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