Leaked images reveal what League’s Jhin looks like under his signature mask

A former Riot employee also weighed in on why Jhin's face might have been officially revealed.

Image via Riot Games

Since his release in January 2016, Jhin has been often regarded as one of League of Legends’ most mysterious champions. A set of leaked images revealed earlier this week, however, lifted a portion of the veil surrounding Jhin when his face was shown to the game’s player base for the first time. 

Jhin is known for his signature mask, a part of his character that defines who he is and cements him as League’s most secretive champion. But in a series of concept art pieces released by Wild Blue Studios—a collaborator with Riot on the Zed comic released earlier this year—Jhin’s face was revealed completely.

Image via Riot Games, Wild Blue Studios

The art was posted by accident and has since been re-uploaded with black censor bars across Jhin’s eyes. 

Riot “might’ve shown Jhin partially and briefly unmasked… but with his hand partially covering his face or if we had pieces of his mask broken, revealing part of his face underneath. But ultimately by choosing the camera angles we avoided this completely,” according to a Reddit post made by a former writer on the League team.

With this in mind, it’s clear that Riot had the intention of revealing Jhin’s face in some capacity to the game’s player base and that these leaked images were used as a reference for the League art team. And even though Jhin’s face was leaked to the public, it’s still unclear whether Riot plans on officially revealing Jhin’s unmasked visage at some point in the future. 

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