League team predicts Blitzcrank invade and delivers devastating level one combo

Well, that plan didn't quite work out.

Image via Riot Games

There’s always two things you can count on in League of Legends: death and Blitzcrank invades.

One League player showcased how their team countered a level one Blitzcrank invade, posting a video of the big-brain play last night. And after a one-sided fray on the Rift, the enemy team was left decimated.

Since Blitzcrank has arguably the best hook in the game, Rocket Grab (Q), it’s common for teams to invade with the Great Steam Golem in hopes of getting an early pick. The Sion player and their team were well aware of this invade strat, setting up an ambush in the bot lane jungle.

When Blitzcrank and three of their teammates were spotted on a ward, the Sion player started charging up Decimating Smash (Q) while Zyra cast her Grasping Roots (E). The result was four enemies CC’d for nearly four seconds, while Jhin’s Q bounced off each target and Malzahar’s E slowly whittled down their health. And even though the opposing Lucian was able to escape, three enemies fell because of their botched invade.

The Sion player and their team would go on to win the ranked match at the 20-minute mark.

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