League player’s PBE game breaks, reveals several debug messages including odds of each team winning

The debug messages revealed a lot about what the game tracks and calculates.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends YouTuber Vandiril is known for testing out the limits of many champions on Summoner’s Rift, but even he was surprised when his PBE game bugged out and began revealing a plethora of unusual messages in the in-game chat.

He said that he was testing out the new URF game mode when several debug messages began to pop up in the chat box. The game then crashed multiple times and some of the players on the other team even thought that he was using an exploit or breaking the game himself. Although it was clear that he wasn’t doing anything, he was excited to see some of the things shown in the chat.

Some of the messages revealed useful information, like which team was ahead in gold and by how much. Other messages even told players what items a certain champion in the match was weak against, which could mean that Riot might have an improved item recommendation system in the works that factors in specific champions in games.

We also learned that the game tracks how likely a team is to win via one of the debug messages seen in Vandiril’s video. A Rioter chimed in on the League subreddit to confirm that the developers created a machine learning model using gold lead, objectives, and team compositions, all of which factors into win percentage.

Although it’s unknown what caused these normally-invisible messages to suddenly appear, League fans have learned a bit about what kind of statistics and variables the game is able to track all at once.