League player uses Akshan to Heroic Swing and shoot while in Stasis to kill tower-diving enemy

Outplayed or broken?

Image via Riot Games

Everything Akshan does, he does in style.

A League of Legends player posted a video last night showcasing an odd interaction with new champion Akshan and Stopwatch. The Rogue Sentinel was able to use Heroic Swing (E) and shoot while in Stasis, taking out a tower-diving Irelia.

A full-health Irelia player took the risk to tower dive Akshan, dashing through minions to reach their target. After taking a huge chunk of damage, however, Akshan simultaneously used Stopwatch and E on the tower. The Rogue Sentinel swung around the turret twice while invulnerable, delivering a few devastating blows to Irelia.

The Blade Dancer had no choice but to flee after taking several tower shots. But Akshan quickly locked on to his target with Comeuppance, finishing off the confused top laner.

The interesting interaction between Stasis and Heroic Swing has some players debating whether it should be patched out. Some fans argue that other champions can move while in Stasis, like Zac during his Elastic Slingshot (E), while others can continue using an ability with Stopwatch, like Kennen or Morgana ultimates. Others claim that he shouldn’t be able to shoot and move while in Stasis, however, with one player arguing “firing your gun from stasis makes way less sense than a magical aura persisting.”

It’s unclear if Riot was aware of this interaction during Akshan’s development or if it was unintended. But the devs will likely patch it out if it adversely affects competitive integrity.

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