League Patch 8.21 is devoid of most meaningful changes, but that’s perfectly fine

The game is in full ramp-up mode for the pre-season.

Image via Riot Games

Patch 8.21 arrives in League of Legends this week, according to the official patch notes, and it’s overall a fairly boring patch, all things considered. That sounds bad, but in all actuality, it’s a breath of fresh air after the year players have had trying to keep up with each patch.

To go over some of the more egregious updates from the 2018 season, there were huge, sweeping changes to AP items, as well as changes to most mages’ mana pools and regeneration, which flopped the mid lane meta. The Sightstone, which was a key item for supports and junglers, was removed in favor of the new warding and support item system.

There were also many major changes to lethality items, but the AD changes that most players will remember is the rehaul of the most popular marksman items. The Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver were both redesigned, and the Stormrazor was introduced. On top of all that, experience gains in the jungle was redone, too, and the Scuttle Crab was added to the river.

Considering all that, the fact that each patch has gradually become more and more peaceful and uneventful is far from a bad thing. It’s given to an ebb and flow of the meta, and a lull in the rhythm is welcome. That being said, here is the full list of this patch’s rather small changes, as well as how they may affect the meta.

  1. Alistar: Health lowered from 613 to 573.
  2. Ashe: Passive slow increased at all levels. Hawkshot now pings enemies.
  3. A Sol: Health lowered from 562 to 510. Health regen increased from 6.5 to seven.
  4. Ezreal: Late-game Essence Flux damage raised.
  5. Irelia: Movement speed lowered by five.
  6. Ivern: Movement speed increased by five. Brushmaker damage increased. Triggerseed shield value raised.
  7. Kai’Sa: Passive damage lowered considerably. Killer Instinct shield duration lowered.
  8. Karma: Early root duration on Focused Resolve increased.
  9. Karthus: Wall of Pain and Requiem mana cost lowered, and Wall of Pain cooldown lowered.
  10. Zac: Stretching Strikes damage increased.
  11. Zoe: Paddle Star damage increased. Sleepy Trouble Bubble cooldown lowered.
  12. Essence Reaver cost lowered.
  13. Edge of Night cost lowered and channel duration shortened.

That’s it. None of these changes are large enough to impact the meta in a big way, except maybe Kai’Sa’s passive nerf, which is the largest bar none. The rest, however, are very small and intended to sort of nudge champions one direction or another without making them terribly weak or OP. Out of all of them, Zac’s buff, Ivern’s buff, and Ezreal’s buff are probably the most welcome, and the rest seem pretty nice but not necessarily needed.

With this patch being relatively low-impact, it will give League players a couple of more weeks to coast on the same steady meta before the pre-season begins and all the big changes start. That’s perfect, considering the fact that there are only a couple more weeks left in the ranked season, and any change now might seriously disrupt the ladder when players care the most about climbing.

The patch arrives tomorrow.