League fan creates impressive Atlantian Lee Sin skin concept

The attention to detail that went into this fan-made creation is on par with what can be seen in the game today.

Image via Riot Games

Popular League of Legends champion Lee Sin received a stunning new look in a fan-made skin concept last night. The design takes Lee Sin’s look in a completely new direction, seeing him embrace the ocean in this Atlantean Lee Sin concept.

The champion can be seen with blue scaley skin covered in gold plating, extending his arm out to grasp a tentacled aquatic creature.

Image via u/Noah_the_Thatcher

The attention to detail that went into designing this artwork is at the highest level, similar to what fans see in League today. Every choice is well thought out, from the eye covering that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in Lee Sin’s looks to the sigil visible on the character’s forehead.  

In comparison to his available skins, this is the first concept to have the Ionian fighter don a completely aquatic theme. While he does have a Pool Party skin, it only changes Lee Sin’s outfit. He’s simply dressed to go to the beach instead of having a completely remodeled look.

This fan-made skin likely drew inspiration from the Atlantean Fizz and Syndra skins that are already available in the game. The Lee Sin concept sticks to the same color scheme and choice in armor that can be seen in either of those skins, which would make it a simple addition to the set.

Lee Sin most recently received a slight nerf in League Patch 10.15. The cooldown on his Safeguard (W) ability was increased from 12 seconds to 14.

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