LCK Power Rankings – Week 5

The Week 5 Lol Champions Korea Power Rankings



  1. ROX Tigers (-)
  •  Rox are coming off a fairly expected 2-0 over bottom team Em Fire
  • There is not too much to analyse from this week – Peanut continues to give them very strong early game pressure on carry style champs
  • Smeb continues to dominate top lane, whether on tanks such as Poppy or his ban worthy Quinn

  1. SK Telecom T1 (+1)
  • SKT outclassed KT in early skirmishes which lead to a solid 2-0
  • However, SKT showed some late game weaknesses in game 1, almost throwing the game and creating a much closer series
  • Faker’s early to mid game Corki had a big impact on the game, however Faker’s confident style of play lead to him getting caught a few times in the late game
  • Duke had a very good performance in the top lane, solo killing Ssumday 3 times throughout the series.

  1. KT Rolster (-1)
  • KT had a disappointing series against SKT
  • KT had problems choosing the correct skirmishes in the early game, which allowed SKT to create large irreversible leads.
  • Ssumday also had a disappointing series, losing several 1v1s against Duke

  1. Samsung Galaxy (-)
  • No games played

  1. Jin Air Greenwings (-)
  • No games played

  1. CJ Entus (+1)
  • CJ are coming off a strong 2-1 over the Freecs
  • Kramer continues to impress, having a very strong game 3 performance on Kalista – he has proven himself to be a top ADC in LCK, already solo carrying CJ in some games
  • Madlife continues to be in good form, making both roam plays and large team fight contributions

  1. Longzhu Gaming (+1)
  • Although Longzhu had a shaky game 1 against the Sbenu, they made up for it with solid game 2 and 3 performances from both rosters.
  • Crash continues to have good performances, showing a good game sense of early game pathing

  1. Afreeca Freecs (-2)
  • Although the Freecs continue to show strong early games, they have consistently failed to carry this over to the late game and successfully close out games.
  • Lira is a strong point of this team, having a very high kill contribution rate, however Snowflower has been shaky even on his pocket pick Alistar

  1. Em Fire (-)
  • Em Fire played a relatively strong early to mid game against ROX in game 1 (although Rox were clearly experimenting with a team comp)
  • Although Em Fire have showed a degree of poise to their shot calling (credit to their coaches), their lack of raw talent is what is currently holding them back from potentially climbing up the LCK ladder.

  1. Sbenu (-)
  • Sbenu at least had a single game win against Longzhu Gaming, however that was more likely due to Longzhu playing badly
  • Flawless continues to show potential, with strong mechanics, however he is far from Flawless with his decision making.

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