Kayn, Kayle, and Fizz to receive nerfs in League patch 10.25

Riot is cracking down on some champs with high win rates.

Image via Riot Games

Riot is set to nerf several League of Legends champions that have been synergizing with the new pre-season items. 

Today it was revealed that Kayle, Kayn, Fizz, Jhin, and others are to receive some nerfs in upcoming League patch 10.25. Several of these champions have managed to score high win rates in solo queue since their kits are most compatible with certain items in pre-season. 

Kayn, for example, synergizes with the new Duskblade of Draktharr alongside other lethality items like Eclipse, but he can turn invisible after every kill with the new Duskblade ability. He has found success with building pure lethality, especially on Blue Kayn (Shadow Assassin), since he can escape just as easy. 

Over the past two days Kayn has scored an impressive 54.09 percent win rate in Platinum and higher solo queue. Kayle, on the other hand, has a 54.05 percent win rate in the top lane and Fizz scored a 53.08 percent win rate in the mid lane, according to League of Graphs. 

Morgana mid, Annie, Galio, Samira, and Jhin are also set to receive nerfs. 

Samira has been considered overpowered since her introductions because of the immense damage output, sustain, and late game potential she possesses, while Jhin can collect Dark Harvest stacks with ease and output high damage if he builds pure lethality. But both Champs are set to receive some hits, which could dampen their win rate in the bot lane. 

League patch 10.25 is set to go live on Dec. 9. 

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