Kalista player masterfully weaves their way to a pentakill in League


Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ Kalista is one of the more mechanically intensive AD carries, which makes a pentakill that much more impressive.

One player showcased the power of Kalista in a video posted last night, bobbing and weaving their way to a stellar pentakill. Despite falling to a sliver of health multiple times throughout the fray, the ADC was the last player standing.

A teamfight took a turn for the worse when Kalista’s squad all got taken out by the opposing team. Even though the ADC had taken the enemy Sylas out, there were still four targets left.

The Kalista player kited their way toward an ally Shaco Jack in the Box (W), which instantly feared the opposing Yasuo when they flashed onto the ADC. After the enemy LeBlanc landed an Ethereal Chains (E) on Kalista, the player flashed away while continuing to kite with auto attacks. The player was able to dodge abilities, like Yasuo’s Q, and eventually took out everyone but LeBlanc.

LeBlanc hit another timely E and used Zhonya’s Hourglass to dodge Kalista’s Q, leaving the ADC on the brink of death. The Kalista player was quick on their feet, however, auto attacking Raptors to heal up before delivering the final blow to the mage and snagging the coveted pentakill.

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