Jankos re-signs 2-year contract extension with G2 Esports

The first-blood king is sticking around for a bit longer.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

One of the best League of Legends junglers in the West has locked in security for his career.

After one of the most rocky seasons in G2 Esports’ history, the organization has found a source of stability by signing veteran star Jankos to a two-year contract extension. Jankos is still one of the best players in the region, even though his team failed to capture an LEC championship in 2021.

The 26-year-old Polish jungler has played for G2 since the start of 2018, and is the longest-tenured player on the roster. With multiple new players joining the team this year, he will be the lineup’s bonafide leader on and off Summoner’s Rift with his massive catalogue of experience and skill.

Before the start of last year, G2 was considered to be a massive favorite to win the LEC again and also to challenge some of the best teams in the world internationally. The roster might have lost their centerpiece star with Perkz leaving for North America, but the addition of former Fnatic franchise man Rekkles was more than enough to boost the confidence of G2 and European fans.

But it was clear that iteration of G2 failed to find enough cohesion as a single unit compared to seasons prior. Rekkles brought star power, but what truly made this team deadly in the past was overall team play, unique macro skills, and compositional flexibility. This roster didn’t have the same shine as G2’s heyday, and with the rest of the league improving, G2 weren’t able to keep up with the rising tide of new, hungry teams like MAD Lions and Rogue.

Jankos had decent numbers throughout this past 2021 Summer Split and even led all LEC junglers in kills, according to competitive League stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir. He also stepped into a leader-like role for the team last year, and even though the team still faltered, it’ll be interesting to see how he applies that experience to a fresh slate with new teammates.

Catch Jankos in action when the 2022 LEC Spring Split kicks off on Jan. 14.