G2’s CEO Carlos says Rekkles’ buyout is set at 1.5 million euros

The superstar marksman is on the market.

The 2021 League of Legends offseason is in full swing, with rumors and speculation around several star players flying left and right across the world. One big name that’s been on the minds of European fans, however, is G2’s current starting AD carry Rekkles and his free agency status.

G2 Esports’ CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago confirmed on social media today that amidst the various numbers and reports, the true buyout number for Rekkles is set at 1.5 million euros.

The former pro turned owner said that the talented marksman is “free to go anywhere that pays this below-market buyout,” while also addressing the various claims that have been made about the team and their situation behind the scenes.

Rekkles joined G2 at the start of 2021 when he decided to leave Fnatic to try to find greater success on one of the most iconic teams in League history. He replaced Perkz in the bottom lane, joining Mikyx, Caps, Jankos, and Wunder, creating one of the best rosters that Europe has seen on paper.

In execution, however, G2 couldn’t replicate the fortunes they found in years past. Even though they did have some of the best players in the region, their overall coordination and synergy as a team was lacking and some players performed at an inconsistent rate. They failed to reach both the 2021 Spring and Summer Split finals and missed the 2021 World Championship for the first time since they joined the league in 2016.

Rekkles is still one of the best players in the world and should be picked up by a team once free agency starts to heat up. But it’s odd to see that there haven’t been many reports around his destination for the next competitive year just yet.

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