G2 destroy Misfits behind an AP Kog’Maw masterclass from Caps

P1noy also had a great showing in his first game in the LEC.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

When superstar AD carry Perkz announced that he’d be taking a break from pro play this week, many League of Legends fans thought G2 Esports would struggle to find their form. But Caps and crew made sure to shatter those expectations today with a dominant victory over Misfits Gaming.

Veteran ADC Kristoffer “P1noy” Pedersen made his LEC debut in place of Perkz after spending almost five years away from the big stage in Berlin. The last time he played at the highest level in Europe was in 2015, but he looked right at home today alongside Mikyx on Ezreal.

The star of the show, however, was Caps. His decision to take AP Kog’Maw into the mid lane as a counter pick against Azir was a stroke of genius. He ended up collecting 13 kills and seven assists throughout the game.

Misfits didn’t have the range to deal with Kog’Maw or Ezreal’s long-range poke, and whenever they were able to close the distance, Mikyx would save the day on Tahm Kench by devouring G2’s players at the perfect moment. It was a complete stomp of a match, with Misfits only taking one turret in 26 minutes.

Misfits will need to learn from their mistakes and move on from this match quickly. This game was rough from start to finish for them and they still have a match against the top-seeded MAD Lions tomorrow. They’ll need to pull some tricks out of their sleeves if they want to finish week four ahead of the curve.

G2, on the other hand, are likely ecstatic with this strong showing. The team hasn’t been completely in form this season, sitting in third place with five wins and three losses. If they can win without Perkz in the bottom lane, then having him recharged for the rest of the split should do wonders for their synergy and team performance.

You can catch G2 in action when they face off against the eighth-seeded Excel Esports tomorrow at 1pm CT.