FPX’s GimGoon makes impressive Gnar play in a solo queue game

The world champion is looking crisp.

Image via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix top laner GimGoon has been looking sharp in his solo queue games one week after he and his teammates were eliminated from the LPL Summer Split playoffs by Victory Five.

The League of Legends world champion recently showed off his mechanics on Gnar after tower diving an enemy to pick up the kill and live with a sliver of health.

In the clip posted by peak000333 on Reddit, GimGoon, playing under the solo queue alias “My cute dog lwx,” went for a level seven dive onto the low-health enemy Jax after poking him down. In a split-second decision, he used his ultimate to move the enemy minions out of his way and finished Jax with a surprise boulder.

If the Jax continued to run toward their base, the player would’ve most likely escaped. They likely didn’t expect GimGoon to commit to the play, however, and finish them off.

Reddit user peak000333 recently became known in the League community for posting highlights from Chinese and Korean solo queue, including a heavily edited one-vs-one montage of famous LPL and LCK players that got more than 60,000 views in a couple of days.

While FPX alternated between GimGoon and Khan in the top lane throughout the most recent LPL split, they looked lackluster this summer, finishing in eighth place in the regular season. This placed them in the quarterfinals of the playoffs against V5. They were read like a book by V5, who picked up a clean 3-1 win over FPX.

The 2020 LPL Summer Split playoffs continue on Saturday, Aug. 22.

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