For now, NA and EU friends won’t be able to challenge each other in Legends of Runeterra

You can challenge friends in the same region though.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The open beta for Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra launches on Jan. 24, but there are still a few kinks that haven’t been worked out yet. 

As promised by Riot, the Legends of Runeterra (LoR) open beta will have an operational friends list. Included with the update is also a new social panel that allows players to view friends online and challenge them to a match. 

  • Friends list includes “cross-game presence” with the ability to view whether your friends are playing LoL or LoR.
  • Chat operational across all three shards (Americas, Asia, and Europe).
  • Challenge a friend within your local shard.

Players who live in the Americas and have friends in Europe can chat with them but aren’t able to challenge one another in a match. 

LoR’s friends’ list and chat are built on a different service than challenge, and are shared between our games, while challenge and matchmaking are game-specific,” said Riot. “We’ve made specific improvements to support cross-shard friends and chat, LoR does still have distinct shards (though fewer, bigger ones than LoL), which means separate challenge and matchmaking pools.”

Though you can’t challenge specific friends, at least a friend list is already up and running. The social panel is still under construction, with a few known issues that are being worked on. Here are the known issues Riot is working on:

  • “Delays may occur when adding and removing names from the friends’ block list.
  • If offline, players won’t receive unread message notifications.
  • After a short delay, new messages are dismissed.
  • There are issues with the client, in which it may become unresponsive when accepting a challenge invite or performing other actions like opening rewards or entering expeditions. If this occurs, players are encouraged to relog as a temporary fix until the issue is resolved. “