Fnatic defeat Excel, march closer to 2021 LEC Spring Split playoff spot

Excel's losing streak extends to six.

Photo via Riot Games

Excel attempted to steal a game and get back in the win column with a base race against Fnatic today. But a perfect Cannon Barrage from Bwipo’s Gangplank was just enough to help his team secure their eighth victory of the 2021 LEC Spring Split and move one step closer to a playoff berth.

At the 27-minute mark, Excel, who were behind in gold by more than 7,000, went for a base race down mid lane. The plan even seemed to be working until Bwipo took out XL’s minions in the Fnatic base, which forced Excel to abandon the race and recall. They couldn’t make it back in time, though, and Fnatic quickly destroyed the Nexus.

The base race was just the culmination of an interesting game. In “one of the most interesting teamfights” Quickshot had ever seen, both teams engaged for over a minute, exhausting nearly every ability and ultimate without a single kill. Finally, Excel’s defense broke, which cost Dan and Czekolad their lives.

In addition to the odd encounters, Excel were caught out of position several times, which certainly cost them. The first instance was a two-for-one in the bot lane early on and an immediate death by Dan when he was sandwiched between two Fnatic players.

Excel also came out on the losing end of a five-for-two teamfight and a death by Patrik later in the game led to an uncontested Baron immediately afterward.

Fnatic’s victory doesn’t clinch them a spot in the playoffs, although it does so for MAD Lions. But it now makes it likely that the 2020 LEC Spring and Summer runners-up will be involved in the postseason.

Excel, on the other hand, have now lost six consecutive games, which has understandably hurt their playoff chances. The team can still become one of the top six teams by the end of the split, but a win over last-place Vitality tomorrow is crucial, especially with matches against Rogue and G2 on the schedule next weekend.

The final day of the LEC weekend will begin tomorrow at 10am CT with Schalke 04 vs. Astralis.

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