FlyQuest has planted over 5,000 trees through the team’s LCS regular season TreeQuest initiative

Playing to win while playing to save the planet.

Photo via Riot Games

At the beginning of the season, FlyQuest unveiled its new tree-planting TreeQuest Go Green Initiative that focused on planting trees once certain milestones in the LCS and Academy were reached per game. After the end of the regular season, the League of Legends team has officially planted 5,058 trees, the organization announced today.

The team hasn’t physically planted the trees. Instead, it’s been donating money to the OneTreePlanted Organization at the end of each week. The amount of money is based on the TreeCounter that calculates how many trees the team has earned throughout a weekend of games.

FlyQuest planted 100 trees every time the main LCS and Academy rosters got a win, for example. FlyQuest won 10 games this split and the Academy team won seven games, which means a total of 1,700 trees were planted off of wins alone. The team also planted one tree each time a FlyQuest player got a kill. The main LCS roster had 181 total kills this season, while the Academy team had 178.

The last element that affected the TreeCounter was the Ocean Drake. Whenever any LCS or Academy team took an Ocean Drake, FlyQuest donated 10 more trees to the TreeQuest. It was an incredibly noble cause to fight for and the LCS team even qualified for the 2020 LCS Spring Playoffs while doing this.

Image via FlyQuest

Cloud9, TSM, and Team Dignitas also helped out with the initiative by hosting their own TreeQuest during one of the LCS weekends this past split.

League fans now wait to see if FlyQuest can continue on their verdant journey toward a healthier planet when they face off against Evil Geniuses in the first round of the LCS playoffs. You can catch all the action when the postseason kicks off on Saturday, April 4.