Final Arcane trailer shows more of Zaun’s battle for power against Piltover

It's a struggle between two of Runeterra's most diverse regions.

Screengrab via Riot Games

We’re only six days away from the premiere of Riot Games’ new animated series Arcane, and the company dropped the final trailer for the show today to give fans another look at the series.

In the cinematic, fans get to see two of the main leaders for both Zaun and Piltover, with Heimerdinger explaining that at one point in the two regions’ history, they were one tribe, but now are houses divided.

Comparatively, Silco—who has been hyped up as one of the show’s possible villains—can also be heard saying that the “topsiders” are leaving the Zaunites behind. There is never enough to go around, but this adversity can break or build someone into something greater. An epic battle between the people of Zaun and Piltover might be ready to burst soon.

Fans also get to see more of Caitlyn, who seems to be chasing down Jinx as she rampages through the City of Progress. After failing to capture the Loose Cannon, the Sheriff of Piltover recruits Jinx’s sister Vi, who is locked up in prison for unknown crimes.

Later on, we get glimpses of other characters in the show, including Jayce, who is experimenting with the first instances of Hextech. We also get to see the two titular characters with their iconic weapons: Vi fights with her Hextech Gauntlets, while Jinx fires wildly with her trusty minigun affectionately named Pow Pow.

From all the teases we’ve seen, League of Legends fans are set to dive deep into multiple stories, from the early relationship between Vi, Jinx, and the other various characters in Zaun to the tug-of-war between Zaun and Piltover. Catch the start of the show on Saturday, Nov. 6.

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