Fantasy LCS Winners and Losers: Week 6

Larrson & Laursen left their mark in the Winners section, but which players got the worst of two tough matchups in Week Six? Find out in this weeks edition of Fantasy LCS Winners and Losers.

Welcome to this week’s edition of fantasy winners and losers for the 2016 Summer Split.

Winners – Larrson & Laursen

Ki “Expect” Dea-han: Top Laner for G2 Esports – 101.67 Points

The G2 top laner took home perhaps the most sought after award of highest scoring player in week six, with just over 101 points. He dominated the assist column with 38, the most among top laners, and finished the week with a KDA of 17-7-38. G2 as a team had two very favorable matchups this week with Giants, a series that was split 1-1, and ROCCAT, where Expect found just over 54 points in the two games that G2 won. He had two games with over 10 kills and assists, and although he found no triple, quadra, or penta kills, he took home 1,017 CS kills, making for a very good week from the top laner.

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson: AD Carry for Fnatic – 100.38 Points

Rekkles is no stranger to this list, and to the people who read it weekly, as the Fnatic ADC was just one point away from the top spot, but with 100.38 you should not be complaining. Martin is the highest scoring player this split, leading the league after week six with 518.23 points, about eight points ahead of Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi. If you excuse their train wreck showing in week five, Fnatic has been one of the most consistent teams for fantasy players, and they showed in week six that one bad week was not going to slow this team down. A 22-6-24 KDA, topped off with one triple kill and one quadra kill, combined for yet another winners list worthy performance.

Jonas “Trashy” Anderson: Jungler for Splyce – 90.19 Points

Trashy was my number one player to start for my week six Start ‘em Sit ‘em, and he did not let me, or the people that started him down. He concluded week six with the second highest points total among junglers, behind only Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon of Fnatic. Splyce was 4-0 this week with wins against both ROCCAT and FC Schalke 04. Though Trashy only had eight kills, he stared down at the gray screen just two times, and assisted in the killings of 42 enemy champions throughout the course of a very solid week for Splyce and their fantasy owners. This performance was very much influenced by the matchups that Splyce had, with ROCCAT and FC Schalke. There really is no better schedule to have in the European League Championship Series, and Splyce took full advantage of that. Do not expect this level of point scoring every week, but pay close attention to matchups and you can reap the rewards with high points totals from players you would not usually expect.

Alfonso “mithy” Rodriguez: Support for G2 eSports – 87.62 Points

Another player like Trashy who made an appearance in my week six Start ‘em Sit ‘em who had a very good week is Mithy. Like his teammate Expect who led the league in scoring, mithy benefited from a set of very favorable matchups. With 49 assists, combined with three games with over 10 kills and assists, he was able to snag the spot of highest scoring support, five points above the next highest. Though his K/D ratio was negative at 5-6, it was still a net positive gain in fantasy points 

Chres “Sencux” Laursen: Mid Laner for Splyce – 90.29 Points

Sencux was started in just 12.9% of leagues for week six but he was not overlooked as much for daily fantasy games such as DraftKings, where he was the most expensive mid laner, and this performance clearly showed why that was. Like his teammates, he benefited greatly from the two matchups of ROCCAT, who currently sit in last place in the EU LCS, and the midfield team FC Schalke 04. Aw cuz had a very impressive 23-4-22 KDA overall with one triple kill in the 2-0 series win against ROCCAT, a match that saw him score just over 47 of his 90.29 points. A similar showing in the other 2-0 series win against S04 made for a very nice weekend from the Splyce mid laner.

Losers – Team ROCCAT

Oh “Raise” Ji-hwan: Support for Team ROCCAT – 20.20 Points

Raise is the first of two ROCCAT players to make this part of the list for week six. The support got the worst of what was a terrible week for the struggling EU LCS team, who currently sit in last in the standings. Raise found just 1.49 points in the entire series against G2, a match that saw him end with a KDA of 0-10-4, scoring about .75 points per game, the worst among LCS players throughout the week six games. All of this leaves Raise as an obvious choice for the losers list. 

Lee “Parang” Sang-won: Top Laner for Team ROCCAT – 21.52 Points

Our second ROCCAT player, Parang, managed to do better than his support by just one point. Parang and the rest of this ROCCAT team were suffocated out of points in their 2-0 loss to the team that currently sits atop the EU LCS standings in G2. Parang brought home just above nine points with a 3-8-3 KDA and 339 CS kills in the G2 series. The CS numbers and assists did improve in the Splyce match, but he found no kills, and stared at the gray screen nine times, one more than he did during the G2 series. 

Anthony “Hard” Barkhovtsev: Jungler for Echo Fox – 12.14 Points

Hard had himself a hard week. Perhaps one of the most basic things you can get out of players you start is that they play in all the games, and at least score some points. Hard was able to do that in his first, and unfortunately only match this week against Phoenix1, as he finished with a 0-4-8 KDA after EF lost the series in game three. It is worth mentioning that the scoring format we use in the GAMURS fantasy league is the first two games, leaving out the game three that may or may not occur in NA LCS matches. Hard was benched after that match and did not get a chance to play and score fantasy points in the team’s next match against Team Liquid. You could make the argument that he does not deserve the losers list because he only played in one match, but he was benched, which I think makes him worthy of this spot.

Rasmus “MrRalleZ” Skinneholm: AD Carry for FC Schalke 04 – 33.84

MrRalleZ had a series of very strong showings in the past couple of weeks, but like the rest of his team, he struggled to find points this week due to their tough matchups. He is a very matchup reliant player, so those out there that own him need to pay close attention to who he is playing when making your lineup each week. If you are going to give him any positive award, he was the top scoring player on his own team, but once you get past that, you are left with the one triple kill he found in the series loss against H2k-Gaming. A 6-8-8 KDA was nothing to write home about, especially knowing is upside. 

Henrik “Froggen” Hansen: Mid Laner for Echo Fox – 37.56 Points

If you were an Echo Fox player or fan, you had one thing to keep telling yourself, “at least we are not Phoenix1.” Then Echo Fox lost to P1, and gave the previously last place team just their second win of the season. That moved Echo Fox to tenth in the standings and Froggen’s teammate Hard to the bench. While Froggen still has a starting job, his week did not go much better for him. An 11-16-15 KDA was, like the rest of his week, just slightly below average. He did manage to be at .500% in the Team Liquid series with a 6-6 K/D ratio, but it did little to salvage his week, and ultimately he earned this spot on the losers list.

All images graciously provided by Riot via their official Flickr Page.