Faker shines in T1’s win over DRX in 2021 LCK Spring Split playoffs

Faker's back.

Photo via Riot Games

When T1 head coach Daeny asked Faker if he could return to the team’s starting lineup earlier this year, he said he “needed some time.” But since finding his form again, he’s been typically decisive, which is exactly what the League of Legends team needed in T1’s 3-1 win over DRX today in the 2021 LCK Spring Split playoffs. 

Faker was the centerpiece of T1’s winning performance, dictating the series from the mid lane. A slow start to the best-of-five ended with a dominant finish, unraveling an inexperienced DRX.

The mid laner played and struggled with Viktor and Sylas in the opening stages of the series. But after shifting his priorities in the pick and ban phase, Faker picked apart DRX by dominating on Twisted Fate and Zoe.

DRX had moments of weakness throughout the series, lacking in the macro department and unnecessarily forcing objectives like Baron. Faker and T1 appropriately took advantage, though, outmaneuvering the team across the map.

This is the first time T1 have looked like a cohesive unit this split after failing to capitalize on a 10-man roster in the regular season. But while Faker sat and watched from the sidelines, he focused on “bringing up [his] own prowess.” And it shows.

The spring season is a “test season,” according to head coach Daeny, in preparation for the summer. After going back to the basics and sticking with a stable roster, however, T1 already look like contenders again.

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