DRX pick up first win of 2021 LCK Summer Split against Fredit BRION

Prepare for the miracle run.

Photo via Riot Games

DRX secured their first victory of the 2021 LCK Summer Split today in an intense 2-1 series against Fredit BRION.

DRX came into today’s League of Legends match with a 0-8 record. Even though Fredit BRION are in ninth place in the standings, they’ve looked much better than their counterparts so far this split. But DRX’s recent substitutions for the second round robin paid off in this match since the team’s new bottom lane popped off.

The MVP votes for DRX went to support Yoon “Jun” Se-joon and top laner Kingen. The support player had an outstanding performance in his LCK debut on Thresh, landing most of his hooks and providing life-saving lanterns for his teammates. Kingen dominated his lane in the third game on Renekton, helping his team transition to the mid game with a huge gold lead following his strong performance.

This series started with a surprising upset from DRX. After giving up strong champions like Gwen, Akali, and Aphelios to their opponents, they built a composition with Seraphine in the mid lane. This composition, which had a lot of sustain, was able to outlast Fredit BRION, who kept trying to engage on their opponents but couldn’t since they didn’t have enough damage to go through Seraphine’s sustain. DRX slowly built a gold lead and then closed out the game in convincing fashion.

Seraphine was banned out in the second match by Fredit BRION, so DRX went for champions like Lee Sin and Thresh. But without a Seraphine to keep them topped off in teamfights, they weren’t able to dismantle Fredit BRION, who kept poking them down with a fed Varus.

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In the last match, DRX took away Varus and picked up Renekton and Lee Sin once again, two champions that helped them secure the first game win. Fredit BRION secured some early objectives, but once the match got to the teamfight stage, DRX had the upper hand and earned their first win of the split.

DRX (1-8) have a long way to go before climbing to the upper half of the standings. Their next match will be a difficult challenge since they’ll be facing Gen.G (7-1), who are most likely out for blood after losing their undefeated status to DWG KIA. If DRX manage to bring them down, that’d be a huge morale boost going into the following week of the 2021 LCK Summer Split.

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