Dark Star Cho’Gath wins Golden Halo Award for 2018 charity campaign

The League of Legends community raised over $6.1 million last year.

Image via Riot Games

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Engage for Good awarded the League of Legends community with the Golden Halo Award in Consumer Donation Crowdfunding today for raising over $6.1 million for 21 nonprofits around the world during Riot Games’ Dark Star Cho’Gath campaign last year.

Originally named Cause Marketing Forum, Engage for Good was founded in 2002 and every year, the company hosts the Halo Awards, where it gives out North America’s “highest honor for corporate social initiatives.” Previous winners of the award include Microsoft, Google, and Disney.  

Last year, Riot hosted the Dark Star Cho’Gath campaign, where players could purchase the skin along with its icon, emote, and bundles to raise money for their local nonprofit organizations, including Bryan, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, GlobalGiving, and Special Effect.

The skin sold for 1350 RP—roughly $10. Between July 13 and Aug. 10, the League of Legends community raised over $6.1 million from the purchase of the skin and its other cosmetic items.

The Dark Star Cho’Gath campaign isn’t the first time League fans stood for the greater good.

In 2010, proceeds from Urf Warwick went to the Save the Manatees Club. The following year, fans raised $162,000 for the Red Cross by purchasing Akali or her Nurse skin to help Japanese people after a tsunami and earthquake devastated the country in 2011.

Additionally, players raised over $2 million during the 2017 World Championship for BasicNeeds, Learning Equality, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation by purchasing Championship Ashe.

League‘s social impact won’t stop there, however. With the enormous success surrounding Dark Star Cho’Gath’s campaign, Riot has stated it plans to do more charity events in the future.