Cloud9 advance to the World Championship quarterfinals

Cloud9 have now beaten every other team in Group B.

Photo via Riot Games

Get excited, NA LCS fans—Cloud9 have advanced to the World Championship quarterfinals after beating all three other teams in Group B earlier today.

At the beginning of the summer, many fans had written Cloud9 off after the roster changes they made prior the NA LCS’ start. But as the Summer Split progressed, Cloud9 grew stronger. Come September, Cloud9 had climbed their way from the bottom of the NA LCS standings all the way to the World Championship.

Now, one month later, Cloud9 have once again made it past the World Championship group stage, a feat foreign to almost every other NA LCS organization. How did Cloud9 advance into the World Championship quarterfinals? By beating every other team in their group over the course of one day.

Starting with Gen.G, Cloud9 then beat Team Vitality and Royal Never Give Up in convincing fashion. In all three games, Cloud9 looked like the stronger team, beating their opponents either through better macro or superior teamfighting.

The star in Cloud9’s stellar performance today was mid laner Nicolaj Jensen. Playing LeBlanc, Syndra, and Zilean, Jensen not only dominated the laning phase on these champions, but carried teamfights, too. From solo kills to miracle Baron defenses, Jensen truly was Cloud9’s carry in every sense of the word.  

With these three wins, Cloud9 have the chance to exit the group stage in first place if they beat RNG in today’s tiebreaker match.