Counter Logic Gaming look to field Challenger Series team

The announcement comes nearly a year after disbanding its last Challenger roster.

Photo via Riot Games

Yet another established esports organization is aiming to field a team in the North American Challenger Series.

Two-time North American League of Legends Championship Series winners Counter Logic Gaming will be creating its first Challenger roster in almost a year, after disbanding its previous roster at the beginning of 2016.

This means Counter Logic Gaming are looking to recruit a dedicated coach for the squad, and the demands present in the application process are steep, to say the least. Applicants are expected to have previous experience with coaching professional League teams as well has having acted as the head coach of a team on a professional or collegiate level.

Additionally the coach is also expected to “develop players mentally, physically, and spiritually” in the event that they are accepted on to the team. What the spiritual element entails is, however, not further developed in the announcement.

Counter Logic Gaming’s previous Challenger rosters have proven to produce and cultivate North American talent in the past. This includes Counter Logic Gaming’s current AD carry Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes, who impressed all throughout the 2016 season of the North American LCS.